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Present Pending Series

The paintings in the "Present Pending" series represent a single moment in time shown from multiple perspectives.  Each painting connects to all the others by visual cues contained in each piece.   The paintings work independently, but also function collectively to create a single narrative.  They are designed to be exhibited together in a free-standing installation, with each piece physically arranged to correspond with the position of the characters depicted in the collective scene.  This physical arrangement further teases out the relationships among the figures.  The complete series has 12 principal paintings, and a mutoscope, a type of mechanized flip book with 24 small sequential paintings.  The movie-like movement of the mutoscope is a counterpoint to the fixed moment depicted in the paintings, and invites viewer interaction. 

Read more about this series in a feature article in the fall issue of Vineyard Style Magazine - on newstands now!

oil on linen
(in the collection of the Martha's Vineyard Hospital)

The figure in "Solitaire" appears to be distracted from his game by something to the right in the painting. 

oil on linen

In "Waiting" we see the possible source of the distraction, a boy who seems to be lurking just outside. 

Blenheim Spot
oil on linen

Visual cues connect the dog to "Solitaire" and "Free Cell."  The dog directly engages the viewer, but might also see the boy outside.

Roses and Ben                                                                                           Study of Ben
21"x36"                                                                                                    10"x10"
oil on linen                                                                                                oil on canvas

A mirror directly behind the flowers and bottles
reflects a door through which one can just discern
a figure in the deep space of the adjacent room.

oil on linen

On the other side of the door, a figure is engaged with something just out of sight.  Inside the next room we see part of the still life in "Roses and Ben." 

Wash Day
oil on linen

Here is the actual painting which is depicted to the right of the figure above.

Deep Winter
oil on canvas

"Deep Winter" appears behind the boy in Solitaire.  There are hints that one of the houses is the setting for the narrative.

Studies for Present Pending

Study of Sam

Study of Nina

Study of Drack


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